The Nikon D3100 - Read My Story Below

The Nikon D3100 - Read My Story Below

How You Can Help?

Buying me a Nikon D3100 doesn't mean giving me the money only. There are several ways for you to help me raise $700 for my Nikon.

  • Donate. If you have some money to spare and would like to receive a thank-you photo, then this is your best option. I'm not asking you to donate the entire $700 all at once. Whatever you feel like giving, whether you have $1, $5, or $100 to spare, please do support my cause. Click the Chip In widget to securely donate through Paypal.

  • Spread the Word. Helping me doesn't only mean giving me money. You can do your part in helping me get my D3100 by spreading the word. Please share this site with your family and friends. You can even click the Share button on the right side to share this site on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Send me Inspiring Emails. Getting $700 can be a challenge, but I'm not solely asking for it. I will also be working towards achieving my $700 goal by listing down my savings for the said item. Saving can be tough so it would be great if I receive encouraging words from you guys. You can reach me at

    Again, thank you so much for your willingness to help. May God bless you a thousand-fold.