The Nikon D3100 - Read My Story Below

The Nikon D3100 - Read My Story Below

Who am I?

You may be wondering - "Who is this thick-faced woman asking for money on the Internet to buy her dream SLR?" Well, if you've asked yourself that, then maybe you really don't want to share to a good cause. However, if you asked, "Who is she? How come she wants to have this camera so bad? What's her story?", then I welcome you to this fundraising site of mine.

Simply put, I'm a work from home mom who earns enough to meet her family's monthly expenses. I don't have extra money to indulge in my wants because I always put my family first. This camera is something I've always wanted and tried to save for. However, I always end up breaking the bank because there is always a family emergency that needs attending to. So, here I am again, back at 0.

My inspiration for putting up this blog is Karyn Bosnak from Save Karyn, the most popular e-panhandler of all time. As soon as people saw that she was really getting donations from strangers, panhandling sites immediately sprouted left and right. Now, 8 years after the success of Karyn Bosnak, I would like to see if indeed there is still good in the hearts of people. I'm not asking for $20,000 like Karyn did, in fact, it's only 1/20th of that amount.

$700 is enough to cover for a new Nikon D3100. And that would mean 700 people donating $1 each. That's all I need. And with each donation, I plan to send each donor a picture taken with my Nikon D3100 when I finally get it. If I manage to get more than $700, I would gladly donate the extra money collected to charity.

That's me...a work from home mom who wants to take up a new hobby on the side to open up new horizons.

If you wish to donate to my cause, please click the Chip In widget on the right hand corner and you'll be taken to a secure Paypal payment page. I will take note of your email addresses and will send you a pic from my Nikon when I'm able to buy it already. 

Thank you for your help!