The Nikon D3100 - Read My Story Below

The Nikon D3100 - Read My Story Below

Why a Nikon D3100?

Okay, admittedly, my first choice for a DSLR camera was the Nikon D5000 because it had live view and video capture. Due to budgetary constraints, I told myself I could settle for less with the Nikon D3000 because I was a beginner anyway and the guide mode on that camera attracted me a lot. But, I needed time to save for an SLR because it costs a lot. So after a few months of trying to save and coming up with nothing still, I decided to wait it out.

I was so glad when Nikon announced the D3100! It had everything I wanted in a camera. Live view, video capture, and guide mode. Just wow! So from then on, I followed the D3100 starting from the rumors to its launching and shipping. The only problem I have was money so that's why I built this site.

Hopefully, other Nikon enthusiasts will see my site and donate a dollar each so that I can share their fondness for a Nikon. I can't wait to get my hands on the D3100.

To donate, please click the Chip In widget on the right hand corner and you'll be taken to a secure Paypal payment page. I will take note of your email addresses and will send you a pic from my Nikon when I'm able to buy it already.