The Nikon D3100 - Read My Story Below

The Nikon D3100 - Read My Story Below

Friday, October 29, 2010

Got My First Donation Today!

I'm pretty sure all of you wondered where I went for the past weeks. I didn't have time to update this site and truth be told, I thought it was a hopeless plight with all the negative feedback I was getting from the forums I joined.

But lo and behold, I was surprised when I checked my email and got a $0.01 donation from Mr. C. Faust. For all of you disbelievers out there, don't immediately put off the amount as negligible. The lesson to be learned here is that there are still people who are kind hearted enough to help other people out. I did a Google Search on Mr. Faust and came up with him being connected with a Replacement Windows service.

Thank you Mr. Faust for making me believe in my online quest for self-improvement through photography. To the other individuals who feel my plight and wish to help me, please continue sharing my story. A little donation will also help, if you want to venture that way.

Nikon D3100 Fund Update
My Money: $8 - domain name cost
                   $4 - amount left after subtracting househould expenses from my pay in Sept
                   $20 - spare amount
Your Money: $0.01
Total: $32.01
Money To Raise: $667.99 0 comments

Monday, October 4, 2010

Will I Make It?

The site has now 73 hits. I think I've caught the attention of the people in one forum I signed up for. Hey guys, if you're following this blog, thanks. Don't you find it exciting to see if I'll be able to raise enough to buy a DSLR? I mean, is cyberbegging still possible after Karyn? Especially for a 'luxury' item such as an SLR camera?

Well, who knows? Maybe I'll write to Oprah or Nikon to see if they will help. Okay, don't laugh at me. I'm serious. Maybe I really should. Karyn hasn't replied to my email yet so I don't know what to think. Just have to wait, I guess. Please continue to share my story. 0 comments